MIT’s roll-to-roll process making CVD graphene

MIT’s roll-to-roll process making CVD graphene Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) first announced their work making graphene by a continuous process back in 2015. It is a measure of just how difficult this is in practise that over three years later the team is still developing the process. They are making good progress though.

Now the process has been developed further. The speed has been doubled to 50mm per minute without losing quality. This seems to be due to a lot of effort dedicated to controlling the growing conditions inside the furnace.

MIT claim they can produce strips of graphene coated foil up to ten metres in length. However this is not yet single crystal graphene, and the material contains defects that have to be patched. The team appear to be focussed on developing a continuous manufacturing process for making graphene for the filter membranes market.

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